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Praise for Kara's Work

Below are a few of the testimonials Kara has received over the years. 


-"Kara is a delightful & wonderful person who also happens to be a very gifted reader. Her ability to understand where you're at with things is remarkable and her responses always come straight from the heart, full of love, joy and positivity. Absolutely worth a shot."- LE, Vancouver, BC 


-"Thank you for the reading, the information was uplifting and helpful. I find myself smiling more now!"- AS, Chicago, IL


-"Without knowing me, you read my situation correctly."- FH, Chicago, IL


-"Thanks for the reading and the healing, I feel so much better."- MN, Chicago, IL


-"I really enjoyed talking to you, thank you for confirming my intuition."- FT, Georgia


-"Kara is an incredible reader, she saw my situation with clarity and compassion, I would definitely recommend her."- NK, Chicago, IL


-"Your reading lifted my spirits!"- JB, Chicago IL


-"I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible reading yesterday. It was so wonderful to meet you and the reading was such a positive and uplifting experience, and re-affirmed a lot of things for me."- VH, Port Coquitlam, BC


-"I felt like Kara opened up a window into the inner workings of my spiritual being. She was right on target on so many things and answered all my questions with thoughtful, authentic responses. She has a true gift for reading. I would HIGHLY recommend her!"- CK, Chicago, IL


- "I enjoyed my reading very much and believe that you are very gifted indeed. You did not tell me anything I did not already know to be true from within however, it was the confirmation which I was seeking. As well, your words give me courage to entertain the idea of the impossible to perhaps become the possible, the probable and that which seeks be expressed, maybe one day find it's way within this material frame and be seen, heard and pondered upon. Thank you Kara, and keep sharing your wonderful gift." - MS, Vancouver, BC


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"There is no such thing in anyone's life 
as an unimportant day."

Alexander Woollcott


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