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About Kara

Kara Nakfoor

Kara Nakfoor, is a psychic reader, healer, and intuitvie development teacher based in Chicago, Illinois. She loves people and has always been as fascinated by the inner aspect of life as she has been by the outer aspect.  She knew of her gifts as a small child and honed them throughout her life. Kara spent many years working in the corporate world yet always found time to do readings and healing sessions. Seven year ago, she took the leap and made a career out of her passion.

Kara uses her clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling) and clairaudient (clear healing) abilities in all psychic readings and energy healing sessions. Whether your session is in person, on the phone, or via video chat, Kara will look at your energy and tell you what she sees. She will tune into where your life is working and where it is not. Kara reads from a space of compassion, non-judgment, and free will. This enables her clients to be relaxed, open and comfortable asking questions about any area of their life.  Kara’s goal is to provide readings and healings that empower clients to take the steps necessary to create their best life.

Attuned to all things esoteric, Kara's gifts allow her to assist her students and clients in bringing about the changes they desire in their lives. She uses her empathic and clairvoyant skills to connect with her clients and create an atmosphere where healing, transformation, and new growth can take place.  In a session  with Kara you will get the answers you need, and ascertain that you’re on the right path; or if you’re not, the clarity and movement to get you there.

Many clients wind up laughing during a session with Kara, and that is a good thing. Kara is innately funny and can see the humor in any situation. She knows that when someone can laugh, it means a space has opened for healing and joy to return to their life. Kara likes to say her patron saint is Our Lady of Perpetual Amusement. She is frequently in a good mood and enjoys parties, wine, tequila, music, dancing, great conversations, the beach, good food, and the company of fascinating people.




"Happiness is

the reward we get for living to the highest right we know.""

Richard Bach


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