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How to Have an Event Your Guests Will Never Forget? It can be a challenge to make your party or company event fun and outstanding. What kind of entertainment will provide energy, fun and happy memories? What is new, fresh and unexpected?  Psychic Readers!


Kara and her team are trained, professional psychics and will provide something for your guests to be talking about long after your event ends!   From elegant corporate events to the funkiest gatherings, to small private parties we can handle it all!  


We arrive at your event ready to delight your guests with our insightful, humorous readings. Even the most skeptical guest will find themselves joining in the fun.


Events  vary so widely in length, type and scope that we request you call or email to obtain event-specific price quotes. Prices are sometimes subject to travel and parking fees.




"Your work is to discover your world 
and then with all your heart give yourself to it." 


The Buddha

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