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Hello! Welcome to my site. I am glad you stopped by. I am an experienced psychic, energy healer and teacher. I love doing what I do and I consider it a great honor and privilege to connect with people and share my gifts. I invite you to explore my site, learn more about me. If you like what you see, please contact me. I look forward to meeting you! 


A Gifted Psychic
Kara discovered her psychic gifts as a child and has been performing readings and healings ever since. She has worked with thousands of clients. She is available for sessions, in person, over the phone or through Skype™ and Face Time. Her psychic readings help you unlock your inner mysteries and overcome problems in your everyday life. For 5 years, she has been teaching at InVision, a School for Psychics, in Chicago, IL. 

Why Get a Reading or Healing? 
A session with Kara Nakfoor will help you gain perspective and clarity about why you are having certain experiences in your life.  Kara will validate your abilities and free will and shed light on the choices you can make to improve your life. Psychic readings consist mainly of communication, this is a great place to ask questions and get answers. Energy Healings are focused on getting the vital energies of the body in balance and flowing again. A combined psychic reading and energy healing session is the best of both worlds!  Kara provides psychic readings and energy healings for individuals of all ages by appointment. All sessions can be conducted in person or remotely via phone, Skype and Face Time. Book your session today. 


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